DAS course – Direct Access Scheme – ‘Big Bike’

All prices include training, bike hire, test fees (module 1 & 2) and insurance


Any bike, any size, any time you like

Over 24 and eager to give motorcycles a try? Maybe you’ve been wanting to learn for years but just never had the time or the money. Well, the good news is that you can go straight for your DAS course (Direct Access/Big Bike) licence, meaning you can ride any size motorcycle. (PLEASE NOTE THIS LICENCE MUST BE COMPLETED ON AT LEAST A 595cc MOTORCYCLE)

  • Moto-Pass 1

    4 day Course £775.00 (including test fees and bike hire)

  • Moto-Pass 2

    5 day Course £875.00 (including test fees (Module 1 & 2), bike hire)

  • Moto-Pass 3

    6 day Course £975.00 (including test fees (Module 1 & 2), bike hire)

  • Extra Days

    Additional DAS days training £170 (Own Bike), £190 (Our Bike)


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Throughout our training you will be accompanied by one of our DSA Certified Motorcycle Instructors. We’ll teach you everything you need to know, however many days you choose, to pass your direct access motorbike test and let you ride motorcycles of any size or capacity.


Don’t Sit inside! Get out on a Motorcycle or Moped and see the World.

Call Moto-Pass on – 0208 3012957 or 07905 377422